Air france inflight entertainment

Does Air France have in flight entertainment?

Resting comfortably in your seat, you can choose the entertainment program that best suits your interests. From movies and TV, to cartoons and music, enjoy our wide range of entertainment for the young and young at heart!

How do I watch movies on Air France?

How does it work? Download the free Air France Play application on your smartphone or tablet. Starting from 30 hours before your flight’s departure, sign in with your booking reference or your Flying Blue number to download newspapers, magazines and videos of your choice.

Are drinks free on Air France flights?

For all destinations and travel classes, we provide— free of charge—meals or snacks (depending on your flight’s duration), as well as beverages , on board all Air France flights . Please note: if your Air France flight is provided by one of our partner airlines, you may have to pay for your in- flight meal in all cases.

What airlines have inflight entertainment?

These 10 Airlines Offer the Best in In- Flight Entertainment 01 of 10. Emirates. Photo by EyesWideOpen/Getty Images. 02 of 10. Qatar Airways . 03 of 10. Singapore Airlines . 04 of 10. Turkish Airlines . Virgin Atlantic. Photo courtesy of Virgin Atlantic. 06 of 10. Lufthansa. 07 of 10. Qantas. 08 of 10. Etihad.

Can I charge my phone on Air France?

Air France unveils new Economy seats with power sockets and larger IFE screens. To recharge personal electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, two electrical sockets will be installed for every three seats, while each seat will also have a USB port.

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Does Air France provide headphones?

Personal headphones are made available free of charge during your flight. They enable you to enjoy a wide range of films, radio and television programs.

Do Air France flights have WIFI?

On board its Wi-Fi equipped aircraft , Air France offers a new connectivity service, called Air France CONNECT. Customers can now access 3 Wi-Fi passes on their own devices (smartphone, tablet, computer):

Do Air France planes have USB ports?

Stylish and practical accessories. On your seat, you’ll find a cushion with an original design and a blanket for you to rest comfortably. You’ll also find a plug socket, USB port , tablet, cup-holder, hook for your headphones…all within easy reach!

Do Air France planes have outlets?

Yes, Air France does offer power outlets .

How big are the seats on Air France?

Seat width between 2 armrests is roughly: 40 to 45cm (16-17 inches) in Economy and Premium Economy* cabins, corresponding to a maximum waist measurement of around 135cm (53 inches); 47 to 48cm (18.5 inches) in Business* and Premium Economy** cabins, corresponding to a maximum waist measurement of 150cm (59 inches);

Does Air France give blankets?

On board all its long-haul aircraft, Air France also guarantees its customers moments of relaxation with a red feather pillow and a deep blue blanket .

How strict is Air France with carry on luggage?

Keep in mind that size restrictions do apply to carry – ons when you fly Air France . Specifically, personal items must measure no greater than 16″ x 12″ x 6″, whereas standard carry – ons cannot be larger than 21.7″ x 13.8″ x 9.9″.

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How can I watch movies on a plane?

Google Play Movies & TV ( Android , iOS, Chrome OS): On Android devices, the Google Play Movies & TV app provides rentals of movie and TV shows. The Google Play Movies & TV app is also available on iPhone and iPad, and both platforms allow you to download videos offline and watch them in the app.

Which airline has the best inflight entertainment?

The top 25 airlines with the best inflight entertainment are as follows: Emirates. Qatar Airways . Singapore Airlines . Virgin Atlantic . Delta Air Lines . Qantas Airways. United Airlines . Lufthansa .

How can I watch Netflix on airplane mode?

How to watch Netflix when you don’t have an internet connection Open the Netflix app on your smartphone or tablet. Now tap “Available for Download.” You’ll see a list of everything that can be stored for viewing on your device without an internet connection. You can search for content, too.

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