David millar tour de france

How old is David Millar?

43 года ()

Are David and Millar related?

Both 28, Millar and Basso have been strong contenders for the white jersey of best young rider in the Tour de France, with Basso winning the jersey in 2002. Unlike his namesake Robert , David Millar was more of an all-round cyclist in the Armstrong mould.

When did Millar retire?


What happened to Millar cyclists?

British former Tour de France cyclist Robert Millar has completed a transition to become a woman. The 58-year-old has decided to go public with the gender change because she says there is “a much better acceptance and understanding”.

What drugs did David Millar?

David Millar has revealed that he received injections of controversial drug Kenacort ( triamcinolone ) during his professional riding career due to a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) certificate for what he describes as a ‘fake tendon issue’.

Where does David Miller Live?


Who is Philippa York?

Philippa York (born Robert Millar on 13 September 1958) is a Scottish journalist and former professional road racing cyclist. York , who competed when known as Robert Millar, is one of Britain’s most successful cyclists. York rode the Tour de France eleven times, completing the race eight times.

Who was the first British writer to win a stage of the Tour de France?

In 2014 Robinson spoke to Kirklees Local Television, saying that Bobet had told him during that first Tour adventure, “It’s not like jumping up a step coming to France , it’s like going up a whole storey.” Of the 10 that lined up in Le Havre that July day in 1955, it was only Robinson who would return, riding seven

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Who was the first British rider to win a stage of the Tour de France?

Brian Robinson BEM

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