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How many departments does France have?


What are the different departments in France?

french departments ! Ain – Bourg-en-Bresse. Aisne – Laon. Allier – Moulins. Alpes-de-Haute-Provence – Digne. Hautes-Alpes – Gap. Alpes Maritimes – Nice. Ardèche – Privas. Ardennes – Charleville-Mézières.

What is the difference between a region and a department in France?

France is divided into regions , which are then divided into departments ( Departements ). There is a total of 96 excluding the overseas territories. Each department has a unique number, which is used for many administrative reasons, such as the vehicle registration plates, postcodes, but not phone numbers.

When was France divided into departments?

March 4th, 1790

What are the 13 regions in France?

The 13 regions of metropolitan France (since 2016). Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes. Bretagne (Brittany) Bourgogne – Franche-Comté Corse (Corsica) Centre – Val de Loire . Grand Est (Alsace, Champagne, Lorraine) Hauts de France ( Nord Pas-de-Calais – Picardie) Ile de France (Paris)

How is France divided up?

France is divided into 18 administrative regions ( French : régions, singular région [ʁeʒjɔ̃]), of which 13 are located in metropolitan France (i.e. on the European continent), while the other five are overseas regions (not to be confused with the overseas collectivities, which have a semi-autonomous status).

What does Department mean in France?


How is France Organised for administrative purposes?

The administrative divisions of France are concerned with the institutional and territorial organization of French territory. All the inhabited territories are represented in the National Assembly, Senate and Economic and Social Council and their citizens have French citizenship.

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What is the prefect in France?

Prefect , French préfet, in France , a high government official, similar to the intendant before the French Revolution. The French prefectoral corps was created in 1800 by Napoleon Bonaparte, who endowed it with great prestige and influence.

Where does the South of France start?

Southern France , also known as the South of France or colloquially in French as le Midi, is a defined geographical area consisting of the regions of France that border the Atlantic Ocean south of the Marais Poitevin, Spain, the Mediterranean Sea, and Italy.

Does France have provinces?

France was organized into provinces until March 4, 1790, when the establishment of the department (French: département) system superseded provinces . In some cases, several modern regions or departments share names with the historic provinces , and their borders may cover roughly the same territory.

Does France have parishes?

France was the most populous country in Europe at this time, with a population of approximately 25 million inhabitants in the late 18th century (England in contrast had only 6 million inhabitants), which accounts for the large number of parishes .

What European country is divided into departments?

division of France

What region is France located in?


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