France ebay in english

Is there an eBay in France?

eBay .fr. As one of the top five eCommerce sites in France , eBay .fr is another one worth considering, especially if you’re already selling on the domestic version of their marketplace.

What is the equivalent of eBay in France?

How do I change the language on eBay?

To change the default language on your account: Click your username in the upper-right corner of your account. Click My Account. Scroll down to the General Preferences section. Click Edit next to Language . Choose your preferred language from the dropdown menu. Click Change Language .

Is there eBay in Europe?

Answers (2) For Europe , try ebay or ebay .de (British and German sites) that cover most of that continent. There are tons of sellers worldwide that use ebay .com here in the USA to sell their items.

Where can I buy second hand furniture in France?

The Emmaus shops in France are usually a veritable treasure trove selling all manner of recycled second hand goods, from furniture , bric-a-brac, records, books and clothes to cookers, fridges, electrical goods, French antiques and bicycles.

Is there a European version of Amazon?

Who: Otto is the second largest e-commerce company in Germany, behind Amazon , selling €13.7 billion worth of goods in 2018.

Is there eBay in Poland?

eBay Poland It may come as a surprise, but eBay’s Polish marketplace only plays a very minor role in Polish eCommerce, having entered the market in 2005. Here, you can sell a wide variety of products or services that you would sell on any other typical eBay site.

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Is there eBay in Italy?

There are eBay .it and – both are giants in the e-commerce field. eBay rank in Italy : These are definetly the most visited buying websites in Italy . I would recommend to join them and start selling.

Why is my eBay in Spanish?

Go to the top of your page where the little arrow is going to the right. In that bar just before it there should be and address for ebay but it will say Spanish or whatever. ebay .com./ USA Then click on the arrow. It should change it for you back to usa or united states .

How do I translate eBay messages?

No, eBay doesn’t translate the messages . Seller must either speak very good English or be using an online translator .

Who is the richest eBay seller?


Which country uses eBay the most?

Distribution of eBay sellers worldwide as of June 2020, by country

Percent of top sellers
United States 31%
United Kingdom 29%
Germany 15%
China 12%

Can I ship internationally with eBay?

eBay international standard delivery enables sellers on eBay .com to ship their items to buyers in over 210 countries. Simply print your eBay international standard delivery label and we’ll handle international shipping for you.

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