France train strike schedule

Are the trains still on strike in France?

TRAIN STRIKE DESCRIPTION: currently, there are no train strikes planned in Paris or France . National TGV trains : normal traffic.

Are Paris trains on strike?

Disneyland Paris Trains (RER A) Strike February 22, 2020 RER A trains from Paris to Disneyland will run at normal frequency all day until close (12:30 a.m.) on February 22, 2020 of the Paris train strike .

How long are the French strikes going to last?

five days

Why is SNCF on strike?

Train travel in France has been severely disrupted by a nationwide strike that trade unions say could continue into next week. The unions are protesting government plans to end early retirement. SNCF also warned of “dangerous” overcrowding at stations and advised against nonessential travel.

How can I check if a train is Cancelled?

Go to Click on TRAIN DETAILS drop down. Click on Cancelled Trains . Select the DATE when you would like to check the Cancelled Trains list.

Is my TGV running?

How will I know if my train is running ? Visit the “ My orders” section of our website or the “ My tickets” section of our mobile app to find out whether your train TGV or INTERCITY is running .

Is the Metro Open in Paris?

Coronavirus: all metro stations open , traffic forecast in Paris on June 22. Since May 11th, first day of the containment exit, the public transportation public in Paris and Ile-de-France has improved. But as of June 22, 2020 all metro stations on the RATP network are open .

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Why is Paris on strike?

Strikes began on 5 December as more than 30 unions launched strike actions with the intention to shut down the country and force President Emmanuel Macron to reevaluate his plans for pension reform. Actions resulted in the Eiffel Tower being shut down along with most of the light rail lines in Paris .

Is the metro working in Paris?

All information about metro , RER, tramway and bus services after the lockdown period. Metros, trams, buses … Public transport serves the entire city of Paris . Due to the current health situation, a reduced service is currently operating on the whole of the network.

Are French strikes affecting air travel?

Continued general strikes taking place in France are causing major travel disruptions to flights , ferries and Eurostar services to and from France . The walk-outs staged by French air – traffic controllers are affecting thousands of airline passengers.

Is French air traffic control on strike?

French air traffic controllers began a 24-hour strike on Tuesday night and is expected cause the cancellation of many flights.

Why is there strike in France?

A new strike has now gripped France against proposed pension reforms put forth by the French government. Initiated by the rail worker unions RATP and SNCF, the strike is now supported by a vast number of unions, including UNSA, FO, CGT, CFE-CGC, FSU, Solidaires, and youth unions, among others.

How do I get my SNCF refund?

sncf ), you must make all refund requests on line, using the claim form on the TER website for your region in Aide et contacts. if you purchased your tickets in a station, you can request an exchange or refund in a station. for tickets bought throught a travel agency (other than OUI.

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How do I get a refund from SNCF?

After-sales options for Loisir tickets (Prem’s, 2ⁿᵈ and 1ˢᵗ) up to 31 days before your train departs: you can exchange your Loisir ticket free of charge, or cancel it and get a full refund . 2-30 days before departure: if you request an exchange or refund , you will be charged a fee of €5 per person per journey.

How do I contact SNCF?

Inside France, dial 3117 (the call is toll-free from your mobile or landline), or send us an SMS (usual cost) at 31 17 7. You’ll be connected with an operator in less than 25 seconds.

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