How to spell france

Why is French spelling so weird?

French spelling is very systematic. It’s just that you often don’t pronounce the last letter. It’s still there for etymological reasons (reflecting earlier spelling , closer to Latin) and also because it is often pronounced in the right context— a final consonant before an initial vowel of the next word, for example.

Is it Le France or La France?

1 Answer. In French country names have gender, so we say la France as France is considered feminine or le portugal as Portugal is considered masculine.

How do you spell out in French?

spell (= magic words) formule f magique ⧫ incantation f. (= magical effect) sortilège m ⧫ charme m. to cast a spell on sb (literal) jeter un sort à qn; (figurative) envoûter qn. to be under sb’s spell (figurative) être sous le charme de qn. (= period of time) (courte) période f.

Is R silent in French?

In French , r can also be silent Usually, at the end of a word, the letter r is NOT silent , but as often in French , there is an exception… In polysyllabic words ending in er, the final r is silent .

Why don’t we pronounce the l in salmon?

Up to the end of the 15th century, the word ” salmon ” was spelled in English without an L , as derived from the Old French word “saumon.” The spelling was later changed to be consistent with the Latin word for the fish, “salmo.” Unfortunately, even though the spelling was changed, the French-influenced pronunciation

What is L in French?

With masculine singular nouns → use le. With feminine singular nouns → use la. With nouns starting with a vowel, most nouns beginning with h and the French word y → use l ‘. With plural nouns → use les.

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Is France feminine or masculine?

But now, you are wondering, how can you know which countries are feminine and which are masculine? As a general rule, countries that end in -e are feminine: la France , l ‘Angleterre, la Chine, l ‘Argentine, l ‘Algérie, la Colombie, la Mauritanie, l ‘Inde.

Is Paris Le or LA?

It says that in literary writings, you should prefer the feminine since you are after all talking about “la ville de Paris”, and since “la ville” is feminine , the adjective is feminine . One vote for “Paris est belle”. However, L’Académie does note that the masculine is commonly used in spoken French to describe cities.

How do you spell O in French?

The French letter ‘ O ‘ is pronounced one of two ways: The “closed O ” is pronounced like the ‘ O ‘ in “cold.” The “open O ” sounds more or less like the ‘ O ‘ in the English word “ton.”

How do you say two in French?

You probably noticed that the numbers 17, 18, and 19 are simple math problems: 17 = 10 + 7, dix-sept. Numbers in French : 1-20.

Number In French Pronunciation
2 deux duh
3 trois twah
4 quatre KAT-ruh
5 cinq sank

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