Le havre france map

What is Le Havre famous for?

Modern Le Havre remains deeply influenced by its employment and maritime traditions. Its port is the second largest in France, after that of Marseille, for total traffic, and the largest French container port. In 2005, UNESCO inscribed the central city of Le Havre as a World Heritage Site.

How far is Le Havre from Paris?

around 110 miles

What is the second largest port in France?

port of Le Havre

How far is Versailles from Le Havre?

166 km

Is Le Havre worth visiting?

The Normandy city of Le Havre is a surprisingly exciting destination, and well worth a short stay. The second largest port in France, it stands at the mouth of the Seine estuary.

How do you pronounce Le Havre France?

Pronunciation IPA: /lə ɑvʁ/ Audio. (file)

How far is the Eiffel Tower from Le Havre?

174 km

Is Le Havre safe?

Crime rates in Le Havre, France

Level of crime 50.00 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 72.73 High
Worries home broken and things stolen 47.73 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed 43.18 Moderate
Worries car stolen 50.00 Moderate

Where do cruise ships dock in Le Havre France?

Cruise ships dock at the Roger Meunier and Pierre Callet piers. A visit to the nearby Le Havre Tourist Office will provide access to city information and maps, plus options for car and bike rentals, taxis, internet, food, and souvenirs.

What is the biggest port in France?

Port of Marseille

How many seaports are in France?


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Which were the important ports of France trade?

Marseille Fos Port ( French : Grand port maritime de Marseille, or Great Seaport of Marseille) is the main trade seaport of France . In 2011, the port had an overall traffic of 88 million tons. It was also one of the 15 world’s largest cruise ports and the fifth- largest in the Mediterranean.

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