Things to do in montpellier france

Is Montpellier France worth visiting?

Beautiful landmarks. Montpellier is one of the few large cities in France without any Roman heritage. It was founded in the 10th century by the counts of Toulouse and became known for its scholarly direction, especially its Medical School. No amphitheatres, then, but a collection of equally awe-inspiring landmarks.

What is Montpellier France known for?

Louis XIV (ruled 1643–1715) made Montpellier the administrative capital of the Languedoc region, famous for its wines. The modern city is a tourist centre and the seat of the International Vine and Wine Fair. Its industries include food processing, metallurgy, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and textile weaving.

What is Montpellier like?

Montpellier is a walkers’ city with stately boulevards, family-run bakeries and white sandy beaches on the doorstep. It is a sun-kissed city, an easy-going place with a small population of around 275,000 people. Montpellier is a dynamic city, a mix of elegant buildings, beautiful squares and grand hotels.

Is Montpellier a safe city?

Montpellier is a fairly safe place to visit. Having said this, there are certain precautions that should be taken in order to ensure a smooth trip through the Languedoc Roussillon Region of France. Like always, common sense is the most important tool to be used for staying safe .

Is Montpellier a good holiday destination?

Less than three hours from Barcelona and Italy, and just 11 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, Montpellier is the ideal holiday destination , a historic, effervescent city with attractions that rank among the most prestigious world heritage sites.

How long is the train ride from Paris to Montpellier?

7 hours and 21 minutes

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Is Montpellier a nice city?

Voted the 2nd happiest city in France, falling just short of Bordeaux, you’re sure to spend your visit to Montpellier walking this warm and friendly city with a smile. There’s something different about the people here. You know? There’s a much more open, unprejudiced vibe and everyone is welcomed.

Can you drink the water in Montpellier?

Can You Drink Tap Water in Montpellier ? Yes, tap water is drinkable .

Does Montpellier have a beach?

Montpellier is part of the charming, preserved coastline of beaches and marinas of the Mediterranean. Montpellier has a particularly attractive, unspoilt coastline, with many beaches and marinas. Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, located 10 km south west of Montpellier , offers 3000 hectares of protected nature.

What is the most dangerous city in France?


Is Montpellier a good brand?

Montpellier is the most exciting appliance brand in the UK market, offering a refreshingly friendly, approachable and economical alternative to the mainstream brands . We make appliances for the real world with products that combine technology with function, style and reliability.

How far is Montpellier from the beach?

13 kilometers

How do you get around Montpellier?

In and around Montpellier To facilitate your access to downtown Montpellier , use the park and ride lots just outside the city. Get around Montpellier and surrounding area by tramway, bus, bicycle, two-wheeled vehicles, foot, tourist train, rental car and taxi.

How dangerous is Marseille?

MUGGING RISK : MEDIUM. The chances of being mugged or kidnapped in Marseille are medium since some dangerous areas need to be avoided, especially at night. There have been reports about several victims of serious assault on the RER line B and on RER line D, which serves the Stade de France .

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How safe is Strasbourg?

OVERALL RISK : LOW. Generally, Strasbourg is very safe to visit. It is probably the safest city in France to travel to, but it has its dangers. Use your common sense and keep your valuables closely by your side, since the most common type of crime is petty theft.

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