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Can I go to France with a UK visa?

Citizens of these countries residing in the UK and planning to visit France are required to get a French visa in order to be able to enter France . If you have a 3 month UK visa you can extend it for three more months in order to be eligible to apply for a French Schengen visa from within the UK .

What is VFS France?

VFS Global manages visa application centres for Embassy of France , where you should submit your completed visa application form, supporting documents and biometric data. VFS Global also provides a range of services to make applying for a visa as simple and quick as possible. These services include: Courier Service.

How do I contact VFS Global?

Helpline. Contact us by phone for India: +91 22 6786 6014 or +91 22 6201 8418 between 8:00am to 5:00pm, from Monday to Friday.

Can I go to VFS without appointment?

Walk in Without Appointment If you are in need of making an application on an urgent basis, or are running out of time to submit your visa application, walk into the centre and opt for this service. The VFS Global will process your visa application without a pre-booked appointment .

How much is France visa fee?

Regular application fees for submitting a French visa application: If required a short-stay or airport transit visa for France the application fee is 60€ (unless otherwise stated on the visa sticker) If required a short-stay or airport transit visa for a French Overseas Department or Region the application fee is 60€

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Do I need visa to France if I have UK indefinite leave to remain?

Citizens of the United Kingdom do not require a visa to travel to France as they have Indefinite Leave To Remain . This means that you can travel freely into and out of the country.

Is France Visa easy to get?

The process of getting a French Visa is not easy , nor quick. You can complete the application process for a France visa by following the steps listed below: Choose the right Embassy . Compile the documents file.

Do I need a visa to go to France?

US Citizens American citizens traveling to France for less than 90 days do not need a visa . However, they will need a valid passport for at least six months beyond their stay. Immigration officers may also ask citizens to show enough funds for their stay and a return airline ticket.

What visa do I need to live in France?

Applying for a French short-stay visa If you need a Schengen visa, you must apply at the French embassy or consulate in your country of residence. You need a passport or national ID issued within the last 10 years and valid for at least three months after you intend to leave France.

How many days does UK priority visa take?

Collection within 5 working days ( priority service) A decision will be made within 5 working days of your appointment at the visa application centre. Check with your visa application centre to see if the priority visa service is available in the country you’re applying from.

How can I check my UK visa status with passport number?

How to Check Visa Status using the passport number ? Visit the official visa website of the country of visit. Find the option of tracking the visa application status . Enter the acknowledgement number or passport number and the date of birth. Following that, enter the captcha code and click ‘submit’.

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How can I track my visa application for UK?

How to track your UK Visa Status Your Case Identification Number or ‘CaseID’. Payment Reference Number. Your Unique Application Number. Your Biometric Residence Permit Number. Your Immigration Health Surcharge number.

How do you know if UK visa is approved?

If you are applying from the UK , then you should receive a letter or email that confirms that your application is approved . Once approved , your Biometric Residence Permit should arrive with you by courier within 7 – 10 days of receiving your decision letter.

How do I know if my visa is approved VFS?

Check whether this service is available at the Visa Application Centre you are visiting. You can also track your visa application status online. Use the Reference Number present on the invoice/receipt issued by the Visa Application Centre along with your last name to access this service.

How do I book an appointment in VFS Global?

If you wish to schedule an appointment using Chat Now, you can do so by clicking here. A contact centre agent will be available to assist you in scheduling, rescheduling or cancelling an appointment . Please note: VFS Global will only collect your Personal Information for the sole purpose of scheduling an appointment .

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