Youth hostels in france

Are youth hostels safe in Europe?

Staying in a hostel in a new city can be a little daunting for first-timers. European hostels are, for the most part, safe and well run, with great facilities. However, while most travelers are out to seriously explore Europe just like you, there’s always the exception.

What age can you stay in a youth hostel?


Do youth hostels still exist?

Today, you can find hostels in over 80 different countries and book your stay at one of over 4,000 different youth hostels . Families with infants, student groups, business travelers, and senior travelers all stay at youth hostels .

What do you bring to a youth hostel?

Earplugs – snooooore. You never know who you could end up sharing a room with in a hostel . Sleeping Mask (for dorms and flights) Packing cubes (MUST!!!!) Noise Cancelling Headphones. The RIGHT backpack (not just any one…) A padlock (a MUST-Have) A quick-dry travel towel. Travel-sized toiletries.

Do and don’ts in hostel?

Don ‘ t Pack in the Middle of the Night If you’re staying in a dorm room in a hostel , it makes sense to be respectful of others’ sleep schedules. Make sure that if you have a flight at 5 am that you’re not packing at 1 am because that is rather rude. Think ahead and pack a little earlier.

Can couples sleep together in hostels?

Nowadays, some Hostels do also offer Double bunk beds in dorms. That means, you pay for a double bed (2 people) in a dorm (shared room). This offers couples the possibility to sleep cheaper. It is ideal for couples who want to save money and do not need lots of privacy.

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Are youth hostels safe?

Hostels are actually really safe . They are staffed 24 hours and most have security cameras installed. If you are ever uncomfortable or don’t feel safe , then tell the staff and ask for a room change!

Is there an age limit for hostels in Europe?

If you’re alive, you’re young enough to hostel just about anywhere in Europe ( hostels with age cutoffs are rare). Yes, the bulk of the hosteling crowd is 18 to 26 years old — but every year there are more seniors and families hosteling.

Who stays hostel?

Hosteler or hostelite word is used to collectively refer to the students living in the hostel and also to differentiate between the hostelers and the day scholars. Both the Hosteler and hostelite are similar, the student or a traveler who stay in a different hostel, hotel are Called hosteler.

Is it dangerous to stay in a hostel?

Generally speaking, hostels are incredibly safe but there are various things you can do to ensure you have a good experience such as drinking responsibly, being respectful of dorm mates, locking your valuables, and packing wisely. Nowadays, there are many boutique hotel-like hostels available.

Are hostels gross?

Myth 1) Hostels are Loud and Dirty and Gross The best ones are anything but. Just as there are bad hotels, there are bad hostels . Just as there are great hotels, there are great hostels . A quick look at the reviews on sites like and and you’ll get a feel for the place.

Do hostels have bed sheets?

Today all hostels provide sheets , but a few hostels may still charge an extra fee for sheets . Even though it isn’t necessary, some people still like to have their own nice sleep-sheet to sleep in every night. (Sleeping bags are usually not allowed by the way.)

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What to wear to sleep in a hostel?

Underwear is a very good start. Please, do not be that person sleeping naked in a hostel . That is totally inappropriate. Best is to wear a t-shirt and short pants.

Can you leave bags in hostels?

Your luggage will be safe in a dorm room. Just make sure you valuables are on your person, in thehostel safe or at least in a locker. Sometimes the locker is big enough to put the whole bag in it. If the locker is a small one , you may need to break your luggage into two.

Should I bring a sleeping bag to a hostel?

You don’t need a sleeping bag ! It’s a common question, but almost all hostels provide sheets and linen for sleeping , so unless you’re camping as part of your trip, you can leave this one out.

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