France air strike update

Is there a French air strike today?

The USAC-CGT union calls on the staff of the DGCA (General Directorate of Civil Aviation ), which includes air traffic controllers, to go on national strike from Thursday 5 March to Sunday 8 March 2020 , as well as the nights before and after.

Will the French strike affect my flight?

French air traffic controllers (ATC) are expected to walk out as part of the strike , so there’s a chance your flight could be delayed or cancelled. Ryanair has also cancelled a number of flights . All affected passengers will be informed by email or SMS.

How long will the Air France strike last?

five days

Is the strike over in France?

France’s strikes are easing.

Are BA still flying to France?

British Airways is still operating a limited number of flights to France , meaning you can’t get a cash refund unless the flight is cancelled.

Are the French air traffic control on strike?

French air traffic controllers began a 24-hour strike on Tuesday night and is expected cause the cancellation of many flights.

Why are French air traffic control on strike?

For several months, France’s 4,000 air traffic controllers have been engaged in a series of strikes to protest against staff cuts and a lack of up-to-date technology, blamed on a “lack of investment”. This has been corrected to say one-third of air traffic -related flight delays.

Is Eurostar affected by French strike?

Trade Unions in France have called for a nationwide general strike from 5 December 2019. The strike action continues but with a reduced impact on Eurostar routes enabling us to run our normal timetable from 13 January.

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Is Paris strike still on?

For Paris’s public transport operator, the unending transport strike in the French capital is officially over, as of Wednesday January 29. That according to the RATP President and CEO, Catherine Guillouard. It does seem strange to announce an end to the strike –when it continues, albeit at a dribble.

What happens if Air France strikes?

If the strike is external to the airline ( air traffic controllers, airport staff, security staff, a national strike , etc.), then the airline is not responsible for the strike and the passenger won’t be compensated.

Is Delta affected by Air France strike?

“Please note that Air France flights operated by an aircraft other than that of Air France or Joon will not be affected by this strike (KLM, Delta …).” Air France said that it will now offer rebooking options at no extra cost, no matter the fare.

Which flights are affected by French strike?

French strikes to affect easyJet, Ryanair and BA flights – as staff take industrial action against Macron’s pension changes.

Why are there strikes in Paris?

The onslaught of strikes join the ongoing gilets jaunes protests, which began over a year ago due to rising fuel taxes. The gilets jaunes protests have since evolved to encompass wider anti-government feelings, including but not limited to the new reforms proposed by Macron.

Is the Metro Open in Paris?

Coronavirus: all metro stations open , traffic forecast in Paris on June 22. Since May 11th, first day of the containment exit, the public transportation public in Paris and Ile-de-France has improved. But as of June 22, 2020 all metro stations on the RATP network are open .

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Why is there strike in France?

A new strike has now gripped France against proposed pension reforms put forth by the French government. Initiated by the rail worker unions RATP and SNCF, the strike is now supported by a vast number of unions, including UNSA, FO, CGT, CFE-CGC, FSU, Solidaires, and youth unions, among others.

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