France river cruises 2017

What is the best river cruise line in France?

In our opinion, the following companies are the very best luxury river cruise lines in Europe: Crystal River Cruises. Tauck River Cruises. AmaWaterways . Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection . Scenic River Cruises. Viking River Cruises.

What is the best time of year for a European river cruise?

Best Times to Take European River Cruises The European River cruising season runs from March through December, though the best time to take a river cruise in Europe is during the late spring (April-May) or early fall (September-October).

Why are American river cruises so expensive?

Since river ships aren’t buying cucumbers by the cargo container, costs like food and drink (a major component of cruise fares) are higher. Because most river ships are newer (many debuting between 2014 and 2017) than their ocean-going counterparts, they feature all the latest innovations and décor.

Are river cruises environmentally friendly?

River cruise ships are already one of the greenest ways to travel the world, especially when compared to cars, planes and larger ocean-faring cruise vessels. They are compact and only carry a limited number of passengers per voyage, which allows for smaller engines and therefore lower carbon emissions.

What is the highest rated river cruise line?

The top 10 winners in the category Best River Cruise Line are as follows: Vantage Deluxe World Travel. Avalon Waterways. Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection . American Cruise Lines. Scenic River Cruises. American Queen Steamboat Company. Emerald Waterways. Riviera River Cruises.

Which is better Viking or AmaWaterways?

While active options are being added to both lines, AmaWaterways tends to feature more active time in each port, whereas Viking offers more unique and off-the-beaten-path options.

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Is it worth the money to get a balcony on a cruise?

The extra price for a balcony is worth it if you’ll put it to good use. Your ship design places balcony rooms on higher decks. This means rooms with balconies have better views, especially on river cruises where lower rooms are close to the water line. If you want the extra space offered by a balcony room.

What is the most beautiful river in Europe?

Danube . Length: 1,783 miles / 2,870km. Route: Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea. Douro. Length: 556 miles / 895km. Rhône. Length: 505 miles / 813km. Main. Length: 326 miles / 525km. Rhine . Length: 766 miles / 1,233km. Moselle. Length: 339 miles / 545km. Seine . Length: 485 miles / 780km. Dutch Waterways. Length: 528 miles / 850km.

Which is the best side of a cruise ship to be on?

Generally, mid-ship is most favorable on lower decks, especially if you are prone to motion sickness. There is more noticeable movement in the more forward areas of the vessel, or on higher decks. One of the most often overlooked issues in the selection of your cabin is whether it is on Port or Starboard side.

Are Viking cruises worth the money?

If you’ve cruised before, you know that Viking cruises arewell, expensive. You can expect to pay several thousand dollars for your trip (although rates vary greatly by route and month), which seems costly compared to the $500-600 rates you’d find from other cruise companies.

Are river cruises boring?

If you’re still worried you’ll be bored on a river cruise , have no fear. River cruises offer the perfect combination of organized activities and free-time, meaning you can make the most of your experience tailoring it to what interests you the most.

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What cruise line has the best food?

Which cruise lines have the best food? Disney Cruise Line — 4.53 / 5. Celebrity Cruises — 4.43 / 5. Royal Caribbean — 4.26 / 5. Holland America — 4.22 / 5. Carnival Cruise Line — 4.13 / 5. Princess Cruises — 4.10 / 5. Norwegian Cruise Line — 3.97 / 5.

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