How to buy train tickets in france

How do I book train tickets in France?

Buying Train Tickets At The Train Station You can also buy train tickets in France from any French train station. The quickest way is via the automated ticket machines (the machines all have English options). However, sometimes these machines don’t accept foreign credit cards.

Do I need to buy train tickets in advance in France?

Any segments that use an Intercities train , may need booking in advance (some don’t, but it’s best if you do book to get cheaper fares and to guarantee a seat). Any segments that use a regional train (called TER in France ) don’t need advance booking, and can be purchased on the day.

Can you buy SNCF tickets at the station?

Buying direct from SNCF at en. oui. sncf : This is French Railways’ own website selling tickets in € at the official SNCF price with no added booking fee. Tickets can be collected at any main French station or in many cases printed out at home.

Where do you buy train tickets in Paris?

Where to buy passes : You can buy Paris Visite, Mobilis, and other passes at major Métro stations, RER stations, and railroad stations in the Ile-de-France region, including those at Paris airports. Paris Visite is also available at branches of the Paris tourist office.

How do you get cheap train tickets in France?

Put in your departure and arrival stations. Choose your travel date – most Prem’s tickets go on sale between 3 to 6 months before the departure date. The sooner you book , the cheaper your train ticket will be. Do not forget to include your discount card or train pass, if you have one, in order to get a better price.

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How do you travel by train to France?

The TGV Train network ( Train a Grande Vitesse) runs to major cities in France and Europe. Intercites trains cover many of the medium distance routes between cities like Amiens, Orleans, Bordeaux, Caen, Lyon, Reims, Troyes, Toulouse, and Paris.

Is it cheaper to buy train tickets online or at the station?

An Advance On The Day ticket is not only easy to buy but it can also save money. It’s cheaper than either of the other options for tickets bought on the day of travel, the Anytime or Off-Peak tickets .

Is it cheaper to buy train tickets in Europe or online?

Buying Tickets From European National Rail Service Websites This is usually the cheapest way to purchase train tickets because you can take advantage of current promotions and discounts — so you’re paying the same price as the Europeans (although Omio and Trainline have the same prices).

What is the cheapest way to travel in Europe by train?

Cheapest way to travel Europe by train Rail passes are great if you’re going city or country hopping throughout several weeks or months at a time. There are two main types – Eurail for non- EU citizens and Interrail for passengers from within Europe .

Can you buy SNCF tickets online?

The SNCF website lets you reserve a ticket online without paying for it in advance or even giving a credit card.

How do I get my SNCF refund?

sncf ), you must make all refund requests on line, using the claim form on the TER website for your region in Aide et contacts. if you purchased your tickets in a station, you can request an exchange or refund in a station. for tickets bought throught a travel agency (other than OUI.

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What is the difference between SNCF and TGV?

Raileurope charges a premium for their services and it is usually cheaper to buy directly from the individual railroad involved. That said, the SNCF site is specific to the French National Railways. The main difference between taking a TGV and other types of train would be speed, with the TGV being the faster mode.

How much is a 3 day Metro pass in Paris?

Paris Visite is a valid for 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days in Paris center (zones 1- 3 ) or Paris center, suburbs and airports (zones 1-5). Paris Visite.

Number of days Zones 1- 3 Zones 1-5
3 € 27.3 € 48.65
5 € 39.30 € 59.50

How much is train ticket in Paris?

A single metro ticket costs €1.90 , and can be used for one journey, including all connections.

How do I buy RER tickets?

You can buy individual tickets for €1,90 or carnets of 10 tickets for €16,90 from vending machines in Métro and RER stations, using coins or a credit card. If you put the carnet fare on an RATP stored-value card such as Navigo Easy, the price is only €14,90.

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