Where is marseille in france map

Where in France is Marseille located?

Marseille , also spelled Marseilles , ancient Massilia, or Massalia, city, capital of Bouches-du-Rhône département, southern France , and also the administrative and commercial capital of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, one of France’s fastest growing régions.

What is Marseille in France famous for?

What is Marseille famous for ? What is Marseille famous for ? The old port of Marseille is lined with yachts and fishing boats. La Bonne Mère . Notre Dame de la Garde , the most visited monument in Marseille. Always ask for a Pastis by its name. Try a Chez Sauveur pizza, a 65-year-old classic. The fish market of the Old Port of Marseille .

Is Marseille France worth visiting?

Marseilles is the second largest city in France and one of the biggest port-cities in the Mediterranean. That said, it’s a city worth visiting as it’s not as famous as Paris, but there are still many beautiful and unforgettable places to see. If you’re considering a visit to Marseilles , consider these travel tips.

What language is spoken in Marseille France?

Occitan language

How dangerous is Marseille?

MUGGING RISK : MEDIUM. The chances of being mugged or kidnapped in Marseille are medium since some dangerous areas need to be avoided, especially at night. There have been reports about several victims of serious assault on the RER line B and on RER line D, which serves the Stade de France .

Does Marseille have a beach?

Marseille beaches offer lots of choice with a style for every occasion: inlets carved out of limestone cliffs, the perfect antidote after long hikes; idyllic boat trips to nature reserves on sandy islands; wide city beaches to play sport or to party with friends; and private nooks and crannies for romantic swims.

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Is Nice or Marseille better?

Nice or Marseille : what travelers say Nice is smaller, more polished, and much more tourist-friendly. Nice is neat, amenable, and organized. A vast majority of travelers like Marseille but prefer Nice for a stay, though many feel Marseille has more of a real city character and soul and is an often-overlooked city.

Is Marseille France safe to visit?

Marseille is generally safe , but visitors have to be mindful of minor criminal activities like small thefts and pickpockets. And like any other big city in the world, being aware of one’s surrounding in the city of Marseille is how to stay safe at all times.

What food is Marseille famous for?

Top 15 Things to Eat in Marseille Panisse. If you’ve ever wanted to taste chickpea delicacies, try this specialty from Marseille, the panisse. Madeleines . One of Marseille’s specialties is the iconic shell-shaped and sweet sponge cake called a madeleine. Moules Marinière. Navettes. Pissaladière. Bouillabaisse . Pieds et Paquets. Aïoli.

How expensive is Marseille?

You should plan to spend around €91 ($107) per day on your vacation in Marseille , which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, €21 ($25) on meals for one day and €25 ($30) on local transportation.

Is it safe to walk around Marseille at night?

Walking Around at Night in Marseille You should be fine walking around at night in the southern part of the city and any of the areas I listed in the previous section on safe parts of Marseille .

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Where should I stay in Marseille France?

Marseille Area Guide: Where to Stay in Marseille? The Centre – If you love the turmoil. Longchamp and Cinq Avenues (“Five Avenues”) – If you’re looking for quietness. L’Estaque – If you’re looking for an authentic side of Marseille. Château-Gombert (“Gombert Castle”) – If you don’t like the city. La Plaine and Cours Julien – If you’re young and trendy.

Do people speak English in France?

According to the Eurobarometer report 2012, 39% of the French population speaks English . That includes people living in the countryside. Which means that in a big city like Paris or Bordeaux where there are a lot of tourists, the percentage of people speaking English is likely to be much higher. 5 дней назад

What do you call a person from Marseille?

person from Marseilles {noun} FR. Marseillais.

What is the religion in France?

Major religions practised in France include Christianity about 47% overall of all denomination including ( Catholicism , various branches of Protestantism , Eastern Orthodoxy, Armenian Orthodoxy), Islam , Judaism, Buddhism , Hinduism, and Sikhism amongst others, making it a multiconfessional country.

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