Where is strasbourg france on the map

Where in France is Strasbourg?

Strasbourg , German Strassburg, city, capital of Bas-Rhin département, Grand Est région, eastern France .

What is Strasbourg France famous for?

Strasbourg has mirrored the changing fortunes of France and Alsace for hundreds of years. Worldly famous for its towering Gothic cathedral, the city is today the seat to the European Parliament.

How far is Strasbourg from Germany?

338 km

Should Strasbourg be German?

Today the city is completely French, with the exception of its architectural heritage. Actually, from an architectural point of view, Strasbourg is probably the best example of a German city. You will not find such a well-preserved city in Germany , since all larger German cities have been destroyed in WWII.

What language is spoken in Strasbourg France?

The official language used throughout Strasbourg is French. The indigenous language of Alsace however is called Alsatian , a southern German dialect influenced over time by French. It is closely related to the Alemannic German dialects spoken in the adjacent border regions of Germany and Switzerland.

Is English spoken in Strasbourg?

English is spoken but if you want to receive smiles and friendly chit-chat – you can’t beat trying the Mother tongue!

Is Strasbourg France worth visiting?

A trip to Strasbourg is well worth it ! It is a charming city with interesting tours to get you acquainted with the historical Place. If you prefer to see the city from a boat and not via the streets, some cruises offer that.

What food is Strasbourg famous for?

Flammekueche . Also known as tarte flambée in French, flammekueche is one of the most famous dishes in Strasbourg. It is also one of the simplest, and arguably the most most delicious!

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Is Strasbourg expensive?

Strasbourg is a very expensive city and so are the transports. This is one of the reasons why people usually have a bike. You spend about 60€ buying a second hand one and you don’t have to spend more money for the rest your stay.

Is Strasbourg more French or German?

After the defeat of France in 1940 (World War II), Strasbourg came under German control again; since the end of 1944, it is again a French city. In 2016, Strasbourg was promoted from capital of Alsace to capital of Grand Est.

What is the closest German city to Paris?


What separates France Germany?

The border follows the Upper Rhine from the tripoint (Dreiländereck) with the French-Swiss and the German-Swiss borders at Basel (47.590°N 7.589°E), passing between Strasbourg and Offenburg. The Rhine forms the eastern border of Alsace on the French side and the western border of Baden-Württemberg on the German side.

Is Strasbourg safe?

Generally, Strasbourg is very safe to visit. It is probably the safest city in France to travel to, but it has its dangers. Use your common sense and keep your valuables closely by your side, since the most common type of crime is petty theft.

Is Strasbourg a good place to live?

Thanks to European institutions such as the EU Parliament and the Council of Europe, there is a thriving expat community in Strasbourg . The blend of French and German culture make Strasbourg an exciting place to live and work. Living costs, whilst cheaper than those of Paris, are still higher than the norm in France.

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Is Strasbourg the capital of Europe?

Thanks to its location at the heart of Europe and its historical ties to two countries and two cultures, Strasbourg has naturally become the Capital of Europe and boasts some twenty European institutions.

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