Who claimed the mississippi river valley for france

Who explored the Mississippi River Valley?

Marquette and Joliet Exploring the Mississippi On May 17, 1673, Father Jacques Marquette and fur trader Louis Joliet set out on a four-month voyage that carried them thousands of miles through the heart of North America to explore the path of the Mississippi River.

Why did the French want the Mississippi River?

The French era in Mississippi’s history began when Rene-Robert, Cavalier de La Salle, claimed the area for France during his famous voyage down the Mississippi River in 1682. He named the region “Louisiana” in honor of French King Louis XIV, but failed to solidify the claim by establishing a settlement.

What country did Robert De Lasalle sail from?

René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle (1643-1687) was a French explorer. He was sent by King Louis XIV (14) to travel south from Canada and sail down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico . He was the first European to travel the length of the Mississippi River (1682).

What did the French hope to gain by exploring the Mississippi?

Why did the French want to explore the Mississippi ? to find new lands to build trading posts. Name one effect of the French and Indian War. Native American lands became part of the British Empire.

Why do they call it the Mississippi River?

The name ” Mississippi ” comes from the Anishinabe people (Ojibwe Indians.) They called the river “Messipi” or “Mee-zee-see-bee,” which means “Big River ” or “Father of Waters.” Dakota Indians called the river “Hahawakpa,” meaning ” River of the Falls” in reference to the falls we now call the Falls of St. Anthony.

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Why did Louis Jolliet explore the Mississippi?

Exploring the Mississippi . In 1673, the Governor of New France sent an expedition to explore the rivers and lakes. He hoped they would discover a Northwest Passage. He sent seven explorers, led by a Catholic missionary named Jacques Marquette , and a fur trader named Louis Joliet .

Why did French colonies fail?

The French subsequently tried to establish several colonies throughout North America that failed , due to weather, disease, or conflict with other European powers.

Why is Louisiana so French?

The French explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle named the region Louisiana in 1682 to honor France’s King Louis XIV. The French established an important and lucrative fur trade in the northern areas, which became increasingly important.

How deep is the Mississippi River?


Why does Lasalle want Louisiana for France?

La Salle secured a contract for the colonization of lower Louisiana from Louis XIV in 1683. The plan was to reach the Mississippi by sea and secure a permanent settlement upriver that would provide the French with a strategic advantage over Spanish interests throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

How long did Robert de La Salle live?

René- Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle /ləˈsæl/ (November 22, 1643 – March 19, 1687) was a 17th-century French explorer and fur trader in North America. He explored the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico.

What did Robert de La Salle discover?

René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle (1643-1687), was a French explorer and colonizer, best known for his discovery of the Mississippi Delta. His career is a remarkable tale of wanderings in North America and of the intrigues of Versailles.

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How were the Dutch and French colonies different?

How were the Dutch and French colonies different from the Enflish colonies in North America? THe English colonies were more populated; while the Dutch and French colonies were established mainly for commerical reasons, New England was begun for religious reasons.

Who owned Louisiana before the French?

Louisiana Purchase, 1803 Since 1762, Spain had owned the territory of Louisiana, which included 828,000 square miles. The territory made up all or part of fifteen modern U.S. states between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains.

How long did France Own Louisiana?

Louisiana ( French : La Louisiane; La Louisiane française) or French Louisiana was an administrative district of New France . Under French control 1682 to 1769 and 1801 (nominally) to 1803, the area was named in honor of King Louis XIV, by French explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle.

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