Working hours in france

How many hours is full time in France?


How many hours do the French work?

35 hours

Does France have a 4 day work week?

The four – day workweek is not a new idea: France implemented a reduction of working hours (les 35 heures) almost 20 years ago to create better work -life balance for the nation. Many UK organizations are also playing with the idea.

What time does the workday start in France?

Normal Work Hours in Paris. The normal workday for an office worker in France starts anywhere from 8 – 9:30 am. And he/she usually doesn’t leave until 6:30-7:00 pm. Even if we count from 8:30 am – 6:30 pm, that is 10 hours per day or 50 hours a week.

Do the French work hard?

Yes, French full-time workers have at least five weeks of holiday a year and some get eight. But they work pretty hard while they’re on duty, and are among the most productive in the world. In 2000 the Socialist government introduced the 35-hour week, to stimulate job creation and share work around.

Is Saturday a working day in France?

Work overtime Overtime is also less common in French working culture than in other countries. After that, pay 50% more per hour in France . Retail shops tend to be open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00.

What is the highest paying job in France?

Among these the highest earners are; Lawyers and accountants – the top 10 percent of earners take home an average of €18,940. Doctors and dentists – €17,740. Pharmaceutical professionals – €13,430. Finance and insurance – €13,410. Vets – €10,350. Management consultants – €9,420. Wholesalers – €8,270.

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How many sick days do you get in France?

It is normally capped at 360 days within three years; however, in the case of severe and prolonged illness, you can be granted paid sick leave for up to three years. No matter how long it takes you to get back on your feet, you can’t be fired because of your illness.

How many days off do the French get?


Country and flag Paid vacation days (five-day workweek) Total paid leave (five-day workweek)
France 25 36
Gabon 20 34
Gambia 21
Georgia 24 39

Which country has only 4 working days?

The Gambia

Which country works 4 days a week?

A slew of companies around the world have been running their own experiments lately. Perpetual Guardian, a small New Zealand firm that helps clients manage financial estates, trialed a four – day work week before formally adopting the policy in November 2018. Its CEO, Andrew Barnes, is now an evangelist for the idea.

Which countries have 4 day weeks?

While Germans work the fewest number of hours per year, they are closely followed by Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. Mexicans, Koreans and Costa Ricans work the most. Four – day work weeks have been tried out in companies such as Amazon, Google and Deloitte and in a number of countries such as Japan and the US.

What time is lunch break in France?

In food-loving France , the lunch break can last around two hours . The French are known to take time with their food, and they believe it’s important to take a break in order to enjoy one of life’s most important pleasures (we agree).

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How much holiday do French workers get?

The average French worker can expect 30 days a year of paid vacation , compared with 28 days for workers in the UK and 25 for most workers in Denmark and Sweden. Employees in most of the rest of Europe’s economies get about 20 days of annual leave , and those in Japan are granted half that.

What is working in France like?

There is very much a ‘ work hard’ ethos across businesses in France . The usual day is from about 9am to 6pm, with a long lunch of anything up to two hours. However, there are favourable employment laws to restrict working hours, which is one of the reasons that France is considered a good place to work .

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