Ferry rosslare to france

Are ferries still running from Ireland to France?

Irish Ferries operates 1 route, Dublin to Cherbourg which runs 3 times weekly. Brittany Ferries operates 3 routes, Rosslare to Cherbourg runs 1 time per week, Cork to Roscoff about 1 time weekly & Rosslare to Roscoff about 1 time weekly.

How long is the ferry ride from Ireland to France?

The Dublin Cherbourg ferry route connects Ireland with France . Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Irish Ferries . The crossing operates up to 3 times each week with sailing durations from around 18 hours 30 minutes.

How much is a ferry from Ireland to France?

Ferries to France – Prices from €123 The average sailing time on most routes is about twenty hours. Ferries from Ireland to France go the ports of Cherbourg and Roscoff from Rosslare , Dublin and Cork.

Where can you sail to from Rosslare?

Rosslare Ferry Services Rosslare to Pembroke with Irish Ferries. Rosslare to Cherbourg with Brittany Ferries & Stena Line. Rosslare to Roscoff with Brittany Ferries. Rosslare to Bilbao with Brittany Ferries. Rosslare to Fishguard with Stena Line.

Which is the cheapest ferry to France?

What is the cheapest ferry crossing to France? If you’re looking for a cheap ferry to France, then look no further than Dover . With two ferry companies and two ferry routes, prices are competitive and it’s always worth comparing.

What are the ferry routes to France?

England to France Dover to Calais Ferry. 9 Sailings Daily. Dover to Dunkirk Ferry. 12 Sailings Daily. Folkestone to Calais Eurotunnel . 37 Crossings Daily. Newhaven to Dieppe Ferry. 19 Sailings Weekly. Plymouth to Roscoff Ferry. 11 Sailings Weekly. Poole to Cherbourg Ferry. Portsmouth to St Malo Ferry. Portsmouth to Caen Ferry.

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What is the shortest ferry crossing to Ireland?

Cross the Irish Sea in just 2 hours on the “ Dublin Swift ”, the only Fast Ferry on the route. There is plenty onboard to keep you and your family entertained.

Which is the best ferry to France?

The most popular ferry route from the UK to France is Dover – Calais (38 daily crossings), while the fastest way to cross the Channel is via the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle train (35 minutes).

Can you take a train from Ireland to France?

To travel by train from Dublin in Ireland to Paris in France , one route leads via the United Kingdom. There are as well direct ferry connections available between Ireland and France .

Do you need a passport for Ireland ferry?

Irish Ferries recommends all passengers bring a passport with them. Irish and British citizens do not strictly require a passport to travel between the two countries, but some form of (photo) identification is however required . Government issued photographic ID cards.

Do you need a passport to go to France on the ferry?

Do I need a passport or a visa to travel to France or Spain? You must have a valid and in-date passport or national identity card to travel with us. We do not offer any help with visas, it is your responsibility to have the correct documentation for the countries that you wish to visit .

How long does it take to get from Ireland to France?

approximately 5h 4m

How long is the ferry from Rosslare to France?

The Rosslare Cherbourg ferry route connects Ireland with France and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Brittany Ferries service runs up to 1 times per week with a sailing duration of around 17 hours 59 minutes while the Stena Line service runs up to 1 times per week with a duration from 18 hr.

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How long does it take to sail from Rosslare to Bilbao?

around 28 hours

How much is ferry to Ireland from Fishguard?

Fishguard to Rosslare Ferry with Stena Line – Prices from £464. The Fishguard to Rosslare is the fastest crossing to Ireland . The route, operated by Stena Line, has a choice of two daily ferry crossings. Sailing on the Stena Europe, you’ll find all the facilities to ensure a comfortable and relaxing journey.

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