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What airlines fly Brittany?

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Can you fly to Brittany?

There are several airlines that fly to Brittany’s convenient regional airports from the UK and Ireland, many of which are low-cost. Each airport offers its own unique departure point allowing you to draw up your own itinerary and explore as much of the region as you wish.

How do you get from Paris to Brittany?

Brittany’s excellent rail network means it is quick and easy to travel to the region. From Paris Montparnasse, allow 1 hour 30 minutes to get to Rennes and 3 hours for Brest or Quimper by TGV (high-speed train). Equally, direct routes allow you to travel to Brittany without even having to go through capital.

Is there an airport in Brittany France?

Brittany is relatively well served by airports ; the main airports serving Brittany are located in Rennes and Nantes, with other smaller airports in Brest and Dinard. The five main Breton airports are served by direct flights from a number of UK and Irish airports . Many routes are seasonal.

What food is Brittany famous for?

Dishes and delicacies not to miss in Brittany, Normandy and the Loire Rillettes. Le Mans’ speciality dish, rillettes are a thick paté-like paste usually served with crusty bread or toast. Cancale oysters. Sardines. Scallops. Crêpes and galettes . Moules frites. Far Breton. Kouign Amann.

How far is Paris from Brittany?

393 km

What airlines fly to Nantes?

Other airlines flying to Nantes

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Which airlines fly to Dinard from UK?

Currently, Ryanair is the only airline that flies direct to Dinard.

Are Bretons French?

Currently, most Bretons ‘ native language is standard French . Brittany and its people are counted as one of the six Celtic nations. Ethnically, along with the Cornish and Welsh, the Bretons are Celtic Britons.

Is Brittany in France or England?

Brittany , French Bretagne , Breton Breiz, région of France encompassing the northwestern départements of Ille-et-Vilaine, Morbihan, Côtes-d’Armor, and Finistère. Brittany is bounded by the régions of Basse-Normandie to the northeast and Pays de la Loire to the east.

Why is Brittany in France called Brittany?

The name ” Brittany ” derives from the Britons who, back in the dark ages, came south across the English Channel to seek refuge from the Anglo Saxon invaders who were pushing them out of a large part of the island of Great Britain.

What port is Brittany?

The Brittany Ferries Portsmouth to St Malo ferry is a popular choice for a relaxing cruise sailing direct into Brittany.

Is Nantes part of Brittany?

Nantes belongs historically and culturally to Brittany , a former duchy and province, and its omission from the modern administrative region of Brittany is controversial. Nantes was identified during classical antiquity as a port on the Loire.

What UK airports fly to Rennes?

Cheapest flights to Rennes from United Kingdom London to Rennes from £117. Birmingham to Rennes from £132. Belfast to Rennes from £143. Southampton to Rennes from £155. Manchester to Rennes from £155. Glasgow to Rennes from £159. Edinburgh to Rennes from £161. Newcastle to Rennes from £168.

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Where can you fly direct from Exeter?

Destinations available from Exeter Airport include: Cyprus (Larnaca, Paphos), France (Bergerac, Chambery, Paris), Greek Islands (Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Zante), Lapland, Malta, Netherlands (Amsterdam), Portugal (Faro), Spain (Alicante, Malaga), Spain – Balearics (Ibiza, Palma Majorca, Menorca), Spain – Canaries (Gran

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