France vs italy 2006

Who scored the winning penalty for Italy in 2006?

Fabio Grosso

Who won the FIFA 2006?

Сборная Италии по футболу

What happened in the 2006 World Cup?

Italy won the tournament, claiming their fourth World Cup title. They defeated France 5–3 in a penalty shoot-out in the final, after extra time had finished in a 1–1 draw. Germany defeated Portugal 3–1 to finish in third place.

Who was the best player in 2006 World Cup?

Fabio Cannavaro

Why are Italy called the Azzurri?

The Italian national football team is often called “squadra azzurra” (the blue team) because blue colour is predominant in their kit. The italian team is called “ azzurri ” because of the color of the uniform during the matches, that i actually light blue. The light blue shade in italian is translated “ azzurro ”.

Who hosted the World Cup in 2006?


Who won the World Cup 2005?

São Paulo

Who knocked England out of the 2006 World Cup?

GELSENKIRCHEN, Germany — Portuguese goalkeeper Ricardo saved three penalties to give his side a 3-1 penalty shootout win over England in the World Cup quarter-final on Saturday after a goalless 120 minutes.

Who won the Golden Boot at the 2006 FIFA World Cup?

World Cup Award Winners

Year Golden Ball Golden Boot
2014 Lionel Messi James Rodriguez
2010 Diego Forlan Thomas Muller
2006 Zinedine Zidane Miroslav Klose
2002 Oliver Kahn Ronaldo

Where was the 2006 World Cup?


Who won the most World Cups?

France national football team

Who won the World Cup 2014?

Germany national football team

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Who was the first best player in the world?

Compare this list to the player of the year according to World Soccer magazine, and also the female player of the year. Including the FIFA Ballon d’Or (years 2010-2015), Lionel Messi has won the award six times, with Cristiano Ronaldo having won it five times.

Who is the world best football players?

Top 10 Best Soccer Players in the World Lionel Messi . Cristiano Ronaldo. Neymar. Robert Lewandowski. Kylian Mbappé Kevin De Bruyne. Virgil van Dijk. Sadio Mané

Who is the best football player in the world right now 2005?


Rank Player Club(s)
1 Ronaldinho Barcelona
2 Frank Lampard Chelsea
3 Samuel Eto’o Barcelona
4 Thierry Henry Arsenal

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