Taking a cat to france

Can you take a cat to France?

Pet passports There are no official restrictions on the movement of pet rabbits, rodents, fish or reptiles, so taking these domestic animals over to France is nice and easy. In the case of cats and dogs, however, these must have their own passport to cross national borders, including those that are within the EU.

Can I take my cat to Europe?

To import your dog, cat or ferret to any European Union country, it must be microchipped first. No vaccinations that are given before the microchip count. Even if your pet’s current rabies vaccination has not expired, it still must be re-vaccinated for rabies at the same time or after the microchip is implanted.

Can you fly internationally with a cat?

Cats and dogs are both welcome in the cabin, and other pets are able to fly with cargo. Airline staff do have the right to reject your pet if they cannot comfortably sit and move in their carrier, so make sure your pet has the room they need.

How long does a cat have to be in quarantine for UK?

4 months

Can I take my pet to France?

The first step to prepare your dog , cat or ferret to enter France is to have your pet microchipped with an ISO 11784/11785 compliant 15 digit pet microchip. If your pet currently has a microchip that is not ISO 11784/11785 compliant, then you have 3 choices: You can bring your own microchip scanner.

Do you need a pet passport for France?

Your dog will require a pet passport , a microchip and a valid rabies vaccination, from at least 21 days before your date of travel. It’s best to choose the shorter ferries during summer, as dogs generally need to stay in your car when taking a dog to France by ferry.

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Which airlines allow cat in cabin?

The following airlines allow flying with cats in-cabin: Alaska Air . Air Canada . American Airlines . Delta. JetBlue. Southwest. United Airlines . Air France .

Can I take my cats to Spain?

All dogs, cats and ferrets must have proof of a current rabies vaccination administered after a microchip was implanted to enter Spain . If your pet’s previous rabies vaccination had expired before being revaccinated, the next vaccination becomes the primary vaccination.

How long do pets have to be quarantined in Europe?

Your pet must have resided in a rabies-controlled country for a minimum of six (6) months prior to your travel date. ( 4 months if the pet was born in the rabies-controlled country) Some countries will require a microchip and the proper veterinary certificate for the country that you are entering.

Should cats be sedated for air travel?

Animals can even become dehydrated, though that’s rare. No loving pet parent wishes any of that on their cat or dog! That’s why the American Veterinary Medical Association strongly recommends against using tranquilizers. Airlines won’t even accept sedated dogs and cats .

Is it safe for older cats to fly?

Your vet may advise that air travel is too risky for your elderly dog or cat . If so, and your move will be permanent or at least too long for boarding or pet sitting to make sense, staying behind may be her safest option.

Can I fly with my cats?

Small dogs, cats and household birds can travel in the cabin for a one-way fee, collected at check-in. They must be able to fit in a small, ventilated pet carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. Pets in cabin kennels will count as your one carry-on item.

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Do cats have to go into quarantine in UK?

You must arrange for your pet to go in quarantine if one of the following applies: it’s a cat , dog or ferret travelling from outside the UK and it doesn’t meet the pet travel rules. it’s a rabbit or rodent travelling from outside the EU.

How much does it cost to quarantine a cat?

The minimum cost for one cat or dog to undergo a minimum 10 days quarantine isolation is approximately $2000. There may be additional fees if the animal needs extra parasite treatments, veterinary care, an extended stay in quarantine or other services.

How long does a cat have to be quarantined for rabies?

If you were bitten by a cat, dog, or ferret that appeared healthy at the time you were bitten, it can be confined by its owner for 10 days and observed. No anti-rabies prophylaxis is needed. No person in the United States has ever contracted rabies from a dog, cat or ferret held in quarantine for 10 days .

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