Taking my dog to france

What do I have to do to take my dog to France?

What do you need to take your dog to France ? Pet microchip. If you want to enter France , then you need to have your dog microchipped with an ISO 15-digit pet microchip. Rabies vaccination. Rabies Titer Test. Entering France by air. Banned breeds. Get your dog a passport.

Can I take my dog to France on Eurotunnel?

Only five pets per vehicle are permitted to travel to and from France .

Can I travel to France with my dog?

The first step to prepare your dog , cat or ferret to enter France is to have your pet microchipped with an ISO 11784/11785 compliant 15 digit pet microchip. If your pet currently has a microchip that is not ISO 11784/11785 compliant, then you have 3 choices: You can bring your own microchip scanner.

Can you take your dog to France from UK?

If your dog has a Pet Passport and is legally good to travel there are two main options to take your dog from the UK to France : Eurotunnel or ferry crossing. Both are approved routes under the PETS Travel Scheme.

Do dogs have to be muzzled in France?

Brittany Ferries have a Pets travel scheme and it is their rule that all dogs must be muzzled during check-in. I guess you need to spend some time acclimatizing your pet to this treatment, don’t leave it until the day you travel.

Can you take dog to France on ferry?

Obviously, you can take a dog to France without booking a pet-friendly cabin- but you ‘ll be leaving them in the car. They won’t be allowed onboard the ferry with you .

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Do I need a pet passport to take my dog to France?

Your dog will require a pet passport , a microchip and a valid rabies vaccination, from at least 21 days before your date of travel. It’s best to choose the shorter ferries during summer, as dogs generally need to stay in your car when taking a dog to France by ferry.

How do I travel with my dog to Europe?

Your pet will need an EU pet passport, a microchip, a rabies vaccination and a tapeworm treatment (for dogs ). You must wait 21 days from the date of the rabies vaccination before travelling , and make sure your pet is microchipped first – otherwise the rabies jab won’t count.

How much is a pet passport UK?

Generally, it will be compulsory to get a pet passport, which costs around £60 , a microchip for your pet, as well as a rabies vaccine or booster.

How much is a pet passport in France?

Total cost ? EUR 20 for the visit + EUR 20 for the passport .

What dogs are banned in France?

Category 1: Banned breeds in France Staffordshire Terrier . American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull Terrier) Japanese Tosa Inu . Boerbull Mastiff .

How much is a pet passport for a dog?

So, as you now know, the cost of a complete USA Pet passport can vary quite dramatically between $38 and $1,235. This is dependant on where you and your pet are travelling to, which veterinary clinic you visit and the species of your pet .

Do I need a pet passport to go to Ireland from UK?

If you want to import a cat, dog or ferret into Ireland from any EU member state, or from the UK (until the end of 2020) the pet animal must have an EU Pet Passport , (this document is the same throughout the EU). The Passport certifies that: The pet is travelling from an eligible country.

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Which UK airlines allow dogs in cabin?

The main 3 airlines that allow pets in the cabin are: KLM , Lufthansa and TUI . This only applies for very small pets that weigh less than 8kg and would have to be booked direct through the airline, without the assistance of a pet export company like Fetchapet.

How long does a pet passport last UK?

The passports are valid for life as long as you keep up to date with your pet’s rabies vaccination. A rabies booster vaccination is required every 3 years. We will send you a postal or email reminder that your pet’s rabies vaccination is due, followed up if necessary by a telephone call prior to the expiry date.

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