Village in france destroyed by nazis

How many died in Oradour Glane?

642 men

Why did Oradour sur Glane happen?

On 10 June 1944, a detachment of SS troops surrounded the tiny hamlet of Oradour – sur – Glane in the Limousin region of south-central France. It is believed by some that the troops were seeking retribution for the kidnap of a German soldier but some say that resistance members were based in a different, nearby village.

How do you get to Oradour sur Glane?

To get to Oradour – sur – Glane by public transport means taking the train to Limoges and then either bus or taxi out to Oradour . The more usual method these days is to travel direct by car.

What does Oradour mean?

The name Oradour comes from the Latin “Oratio” by way of the Occitan word, “Oradores”. The original Latin meaning being, “a place of speech or prayer”.

Was France destroyed in ww2?

Between the time of the German victory in the Battle of France and the liberation of the country, the Allied Forces bombed many locations in France . In all 1,570 French cities and towns were bombed by the Allies between June 1940 and May 1945.

What happened at Oradour sur Glane?

Oradour – sur – Glane was the site of a particularly brutal atrocity during World War II. The entire village was destroyed and its inhabitants killed by German troops on June 10, 1944, exactly two years after a similar fate had befallen the Czechoslovakian village of Lidice.

What happened on June 10th 1944?

On 10 June 1944 , the village of Oradour-sur-Glane in Haute-Vienne in Nazi-occupied France was destroyed when 642 of its inhabitants, including non-combatant women and children, were massacred by a German Waffen-SS company.

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When did World War 2 End?

September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945

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