Air france pilot strike

Is there an Air France strike?

» Call for a strike by French air traffic controllers from 5 to 8 March 2020 . The USAC-CGT union calls on the staff of the DGCA (General Directorate of Civil Aviation), which includes air traffic controllers, to go on national strike from Thursday 5 March to Sunday 8 March 2020 , as well as the nights before and after.

What happens if Air France strikes?

If the strike is external to the airline ( air traffic controllers, airport staff, security staff, a national strike , etc.), then the airline is not responsible for the strike and the passenger won’t be compensated.

Are air traffic controllers on strike in France?

French air traffic controllers began a 24-hour strike on Tuesday night and is expected cause the cancellation of many flights.

Are French strikes affecting air travel?

Continued general strikes taking place in France are causing major travel disruptions to flights , ferries and Eurostar services to and from France . The walk-outs staged by French air – traffic controllers are affecting thousands of airline passengers.

How long will the Air France strike last?

five days

How do I get a refund from Air France?

Go to the Your bookings section of the website. You can submit a refund request for a ticket , except Flying Blue Reward tickets , if: you bought your ticket at least 2 days and up to 12 months ago, you have not received your boarding pass.

What if my Air France flight is Cancelled?

Air France is not currently offering refunds on non-refundable tickets, even if the airline has cancelled the flight . Instead, passengers can get a travel voucher or change their flight at no extra cost.

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Does Air France give refunds?

You can submit a refund request for a ticket if you bought it at least 2 days and up to 12 months ago and if it isn’t a Flying Blue Reward ticket.

Is Delta affected by Air France strike?

“Please note that Air France flights operated by an aircraft other than that of Air France or Joon will not be affected by this strike (KLM, Delta …).” Air France said that it will now offer rebooking options at no extra cost, no matter the fare.

Why are French air traffic control on strike?

For several months, France’s 4,000 air traffic controllers have been engaged in a series of strikes to protest against staff cuts and a lack of up-to-date technology, blamed on a “lack of investment”. This has been corrected to say one-third of air traffic -related flight delays.

Are there any more French air strikes planned?

AIR STRIKE DESCRIPTION: currently, there are no air French air strikes planned in France .

Is French strike still on?

Strikes and protests continued on 6 December as unions said there would be no let-up. While some schools reopened, almost all high-speed train services were cancelled, most of the Paris metro remained shut down, and hundreds of flights were cancelled.

Are BA still flying to France?

British Airways is still operating a limited number of flights to France , meaning you can’t get a cash refund unless the flight is cancelled.

Are flights canceled to France?

Air France , Ryanair and Easyjet have all suspended all flights to and from Italy until early April. So far no airlines have cancelled routes to France , but some flights have been axed due to falling demand.

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Is Easyjet still flying to France?

Easyjet has confirmed it will continue to fly to France despite the Foreign Office banning all non-essential travel to the country. The low-cost airline said it would be operating a “full schedule” in the coming days.

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