Car rental in nice france

How much is it to rent a car in Nice France?

Cheap car rentals in Nice

$18/day Economy
$27/day Intermediate SUV
$28/day Compact station wagon
$29/day Supplier choice
$31/day Standard SUV

Do you need a car in Nice France?

A car is not necessary in Nice as public transport is very good and the vast majority of places can be reached by public transport easily.

Is it expensive to rent a car in France?

On average a rental car in France costs $1,395 per month ($47 per day).

What is the best car rental in Europe?

Best Car Rental Companies in Europe #1 – SIXT (8.3/10) #2 – ENTERPRISE (7.2/10) #3 – ALAMO (7.1/10) #4 – EUROPCAR (6.5/10) #5 – HERTZ / FIREFLY (6.1/10) #6 – AVIS (6.0/10) #7 – THRIFTY (5.8/10) #8 – GLOBAL / Buchbinder (5.7/10)

Can you drive to Monaco from Nice?

With Monaco’s excellent train links and walkable distances, it’s only necessary to rent a car and drive from Nice if you ‘re looking to make the trip part of a wider tour.

Is renting a car in Europe worth it?

Every year, as train prices go up, car rental becomes a better option for budget travelers in Europe . While solo car travel is expensive, three or four people sharing a rented car will usually travel cheaper than the same group using rail passes.

Which country in Europe has cheapest car rental?


Is renting a car in Europe expensive?

Renting a car in Europe isn’t much more complicated than in the US, except for some byzantine insurance options. The cheapest company for rental in one country might be the most expensive in the next. Comparison-shop to figure out which one is best for your trip.

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What is the best site for rental cars?

So, let’s get to it — here are 13 of the best websites to use to book your next rental car . Book Directly Through the Car Rental Agency’s Website. Expedia. Momondo. Kayak. Orbitz. Priceline. Skyscanner. Travelocity.

Should I rent a car or drive my own on vacation?

“Instead of driving your own vehicle on your vacation , rent one,” Clark says. “Particularly if you’re going in a seven-day block, renting a vehicle could be a lot cheaper than effectively putting all those additional miles on your own vehicle .” Renting one can just work out so, so well,” he says.

What you need to know about renting a car?

Here are 8 valuable things to know about how to rent a car . Use a credit card when picking up the car . Kids cost more to drive rental cars . Keep drivers to a minimum. Shop around for car insurance. Try not to rent a car at the airport. Stay on paved roads. Fill up the tank before returning the car .

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